I think the way we see ourselves changes everything.
I believe you are worthy of being seen.
I want to celebrate with you where you have been, where you are going, and the person you are becoming.

Is it possible that the way we see ourselves shapes the world we live in?
The choices we make? The life and love we feel worthy of receiving?

Not a model? No experience in front of the camera? No worries!
I promise to guide you every step of the way - from picking clothes and locations that feel like YOU - to helping you relax in front of the camera and posing you. From start to finish - I'm your girl. - It's time to be seen.

What is the power of a portrait?

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" Perhaps we should love ourselves
so fiercely - that when others see us - they know exactly how it should be done..."

Amber Jarman
Owner - Amberlyn Rose Makeup
This girl is young, but she is a fireball of motivation and passion! She is currently pursuing a degree in nursing and nothing makes her happier than making you feel beautiful!!

Andrea Schibi
Owner- Blushing Bee,
Andi has been with me from the start and not only loves making all woman look and feel amazing, but specializes in airbrush, stage, and event makeup. 

Hair & MakeUp

The Team

I firmly believe it's never to late to become who you want to be - or chase your dreams!
I didn't even discover my passion for photography until after I married my hunky contractor husband; had two amazing kids, and found myself with everything I thought I wanted in life... but found myself craving more. I was staying up late every single night - obsessed with creating beautiful images for my family and friends.

 I'm so glad I listened to the dream that wouldn't go away - went back to school and in August 2016 I opened my studio full time. I am an Associate Photographer with The Portrait Masters, and my images have been featured both in national Senior Magazines, and ranked in TPM 2018. 

Sometimes life goes according to plan, and sometimes the magic is in the changes along the way. Either way, your life, loves and your story deserve to be told.

I can't wait to create with you- to tell YOUR story!
xoxo - Rebecca 

Owner, Photographer

Rebecca Shepard

 * fresh coffee  * dark chocolate * mascara * good book * fuzzy blanket * bonfires * smashing the patriarchy  * long walks down dirt roads *

  * fresh coffee  * dark chocolate * good books *  *fuzzy blankets  * smashing the patriarchy *
 *Sia  * mascara * long walks down dirt roads *

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