Rooftop Senior Session – chasing the edge.

I think my favorite thing of all time about my session with Caden was the fact that he actually played the guitar whenever they were in his hands during his session. It was like a personalized soundtrack celebrating his years of musical work and all he has accomplished through high school.

He isn’t one to brag. Caden tends to be quiet – but his eyes and smile do a lot of talking.

When I asked about his interests and hobbies and we talked about the kinds of music and  literature he enjoys; I knew we needed to find a location that shows what it is like to have a mind that is easily lost in a world much bigger than what everyone else can see.

Thanks to an amazing businessman in town with a sympathy for our grand ideas – Caden’s session was easily the most adventurous location from last year – and I loved every second!!

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I did not know when we picked this location that Kurt Vonnegut was Caden’s author. Later I saw a quote that was absolutely perfect for everything about Caden and his session.

“I want to stay as close to the edge as I can without going over. Out on the edge you see all kinds of things you can’t see from the center…”





I LOVE this rockstar finish we created with a couple moodier dramatic shots for Caden. I feel he is ready to drop an album – and already has a cover!! Thank you Caden (and Lindy! 😉 for sharing an amazing afternoon!!

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Here comes the sun – the best month for wildflowers in your Senior Session…

I love the snow. But after the cold and clouds and slush, I am always ready to see some sunshine! I decided to pull out a warm summer session to share that reminds of us green grass, cicadas droning, and wildflowers – all parts of a perfect Kansas summer evening. Skylar is a country girl through and through. She rides and barrel races, and isn’t afraid of getting a little dirty.

Skylar Harrod (19)


Skylar Harrod (25)Skylar Harrod (26)Skylar Harrod (27)Skylar Harrod (28)Skylar Harrod (29)Skylar Harrod (33)Skylar Harrod (30)Skylar Harrod (32)Skylar Harrod (31)

Do you see the rainbow flare in this shot? Perfection. August is the best time for wildflower sessions. I have seen entire fields of these yellow flowers, queen anne’s lace, and sunflowers.  Are you a wildflower girl? Lets do this!

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The one thing about desert sunrise I didn’t expect.

I’m not typically a morning person. My mind comes alive in the late hours of night, under the spell of the moonlight, and darkness and the sounds a house makes when people are sleeping. It is a rare sunset I see setting over the Kansas prairie outside my window that doesn’t make me wish to have a camera in hand, wandering the sweeping golden light.

But this summer when I attended the Portrait Master’s Conference in Palm Springs – I met two pretty amazing ladies named Annie and Lorri while waiting for my Uber. We ended up sharing a ride – and over 100* temps at the conference, and long story later –  Annie asked me if I wanted to go with her on a styled shoot she set up in the desert for sunrise.

I was thrilled when I discovered our model for the shoot was a gal named Judy who I hadn’t met in person – but may have been in some pretty EPIC Meme conversations in our online education group. Judy had actually had to evacuate flooding in her Texas home the week of the conference- and I love her strength and warrior spirit.

And that is how I found myself driving, camera bag strapped on, –  coffee in hand – makeup less  -packed in with amazing women –  arriving in the desert in Palm Springs for the first time in my life – ready to greet the sunrise.

Words aren’t enough.


When I worked on these images – Judy stopped me in my tracks. The incredible expressiveness of the loss, and yet the raw, beautiful strength in her eyes speaks for itself.

I feel SO grateful for each connection I made at Portrait Masters 2017, and special thanks to Annie and Lorri and Judy for this beautiful morning.

The thing about sunrise in the desert that I didn’t expect? I want to go back and do it again. Do you want to be my partner in crime in 2018? Where would YOU want to be photographed at sunrise? Tell me all about it!


Little Black Dress for your Senior Session – Ashleigh Woodworth – Senior 2018

One of Ashleigh’s outfits for her session was a little black dress – and it was a perfect, stylish choice. I love seeing girls get up from hair and makeup in the studio – slip into a favorite look – and see a confident young woman emerge before my eyes!

AW (17)AW (18)

AW (16)AW (15)AW (33)



Three reasons why a Chalk Art Senior Session rules.

When Addie said the word chalk art in her consultation – I got so excited! She talked about her friend and the ideas they had to make her senior session completely unique.

One; creating and conspiring with a talented artist friend like Bianca Hernandez who can create some magic with nothing but a box of chalk and a driveway is not just a great experience – but now a forever memory they share together.

Two; watching your photographer attempt to perch like a praying mantis on a ladder while making squinching faces  is anything but boring. (PLEASE NOTE – proper safety protocol was carefully followed!! Safety is ALWAYS first!)

Three; Life is too short for ordinary. Defying gravity is fun. Imagination is everything.

Addie (30)Addie (34) Addie (31)Addie (32)Addie (33)Addie (29)

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Smoke Bomb Senior Session

When I asked Skylar about her ideas for the location part of her session; she mentioned an old bridge, flannel shirt, and gold Timerberland boots and I knew we were going to have a blast. Just because we can – we decided to add smoke bombs.Skylar B (50)

Skylar B (51)

Skylar B (55)

Skylar B (52)Skylar B (54)Skylar B (58)Skylar B (59)

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No Ordinary Senior Session: Wanderlust Part Two

  • MiThis is the second post for our Senior Team 2018 Wanderlust Session. Post One is Here.

Wanderlust Session (32)

Wanderlust Session (36)

Wanderlust Session (51)Wanderlust Session (44)Wanderlust Session (45)Wanderlust Session (46)

Wanderlust Session (42)

Wanderlust Session (39)Wanderlust Session (52)Wanderlust Session (53)

Wanderlust Session (49)

Wanderlust Session (47)

Xzavea  is a High School Junior who applied to be on the 2019 Team and won a walk on spot with this year’s themed shoot! She blew me away with her attitude and gorgeous smile and I hope she had an incredible time!    To apply for next year’s team – Please click here!



Rebecca Shepard Studios Senior Team 2018 Styled Photoshoot.
Special thanks to: Blushing Bee – Michaela Goodwin –  Cagle’s Custom Colors Auto Body
Senior Team 2018 –
Lauren O’Banion, Chloe Lubbers, Kinzi Pontious, Drew Fuentez, Baylea Seibert, and Honorary Team Member- Xzavea Wommack


The Wanderlust – Styled Senior Session

The best conversations happen on the way to someplace. When the summer is almost gone, but the light still stretches into the evening, and country roads you’ve never been down beg to be explored… when you feel like something good is just around the corner – that is the call of wanderlust…


Wanderlust Session (21)Wanderlust Session (8) - Copy - CopyWanderlust Session (7) - Copy - CopyWanderlust Session (13) - CopyWanderlust Session (11)Wanderlust Session (19) - CopyWanderlust Session (5)Wanderlust Session (37)

Wanderlust Session (30)

Wanderlust Session (28)

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Rebecca Shepard Studios Senior Team 2018 Styled Photoshoot.

Special thanks to: Blushing Bee – Michaela Goodwin and Cagle’s Custom Colors Auto Body

Senior Team 2018 –

Lauren O’Banion, Chloe Lubbers, Kinzi Pontious, Drew Fuentez, Baylea Seibert, and Honorary Team Member- Xzavea Wommack




Schibi Family Session Fall 2018

Crisp leaves, bales of hay, big orange pumpkins and little boys in plaid. Its the most wonderful time of the year!

Anderson is nine months, and pretty much adored everything about fall afternoon at the local pumpkin patch. His mom and dad are pretty sinking adorable too! 😉





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Kinzi – Parsons High School Senior 2018

Eeep!  That time you discover the perfect yellow wall to compliment PHS blue and gold!

Kinzi and I had a lot of fun and even crossed paths with some… unique…. individuals who were also out enjoying ( singing loudly ) on one of our last hot summer evenings.


Kinzi (35)


Kinzi (33)

Kinzi (37)

Kinzi (36)

Want to see more senior sessions? Chloe and I did something pretty unique in the local coffee shop!  Check out this post!

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