for PHotographers 

I'm Rebecca - and the only thing I love more than holding a camera and photographing my amazing clients is TALKING to other photographers about all aspects of photography and building a successful business.

   I feel incredibly lucky that when I started my business I had incredible mentors who saved me countless beginner mistakes, and gave me the courage and kick in the pants to tackle my big dreams with practical steps of action.

I want to see YOU not only survive, but thrive in your business, your creative goals, & in connecting & serving your community! 
I'd love to share what has worked BEAUTIFULLY for me - and share my mistakes you can avoid!!

Your dreams ARE possible. 
I believe in community over competition, 
and that if I can build my dream studio  -
 you can do it too!

childhood is only 18 summers long
you deserve beautiful images from each and every one

In person Studio Shoot
/ Shadowing

 What do YOU want hands on Help with?
* Studio / Location & Timelines
* Lighting Flow for every Shoot  
 Connection- Natural Expressions
* Perfect Posing for girls, guys,
 and every BODY that sell!
*Planning & Execute Styled Shoots

*Building your Senior Brand
* Creating a Senior Team Structure that works for YOU & is profitable
* How to Market to Seniors & Parents
*Scripts for cold calls & inquiry responses, 
* Posing & Shoot workflow
* Studio or Location or Both!
* Effective Social Media Strategies
* And SO MUCH MORE!!!!

Sometimes we just need an outside set of eyes and a big picture snapshot to help us focus & apply best business practices. 

*Portfolio Review
* Business Snapshot Evaluation
* Actionable steps you can do TODAY!
* Includes 90 minute one on one call

Portfolio & Business Review 

Complete Senior Strategy Course

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ONe on one 


COme to my beautiful studio 
& get hands on experience

Are questions about pricing, business structure & Marketing killing your joy? 

I believe in the power of imagination. 
I believe that childhood innocence and wonder is something beautiful.
My thoughtfully styled sessions give your child a chance to actually step inside a story and explore something amazing.
Childhood has only 18 summers.
You deserve beautiful images from every single year. 

"You created pictures of my girls  that are art.
I can't wait to hang these on the walls;
and enjoy these for years..."

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