for PHotographers 

I'm Rebecca - and the only thing I love more than holding a camera and photographing my amazing clients is TALKING to other photographers about all aspects of photography and building a successful business.

   I feel incredibly lucky that when I started my business I had incredible mentors who saved me countless beginner mistakes, and gave me the courage and kick in the pants to tackle my big dreams with practical steps of action.

I want to see YOU not only survive, but thrive in your business, your creative goals, & in connecting & serving your community! 
I'd love to share what has worked BEAUTIFULLY for me - and share my mistakes you can avoid!!

Your dreams ARE possible. 
I believe in community over competition, 
and that if I can build my dream studio  -
 you can do it too!

childhood is only 18 summers long
you deserve beautiful images from each and every one

Set Designing & Building
for creative shoots

From Concept to sourcing materials, 
from building, to lighting your sets 
in the studio space you already have!
Let's make some magic! 

* SIX Week Intensive Course!
*Building your Senior Brand
* Creating a Senior Brand that works for YOU & is profitable
* How to Market to Seniors & Parents
*Scripts for cold calls & inquiry responses, 
* Posing & Shoot workflow
* Studio or Location or Both!
* Effective Social Media Strategies
* And SO MUCH MORE!!!!

So many things about building your senior brand can easily be taught online - but three of the MOST requested topics- studio lighting, flow posing, and shooting on location are BEST learned in a small group, hands on setting with lots of personalized feedback!


Complete Senior Strategy Course

NEXT Group starts in August 

SEnior Focused  PHOTOGRAPHY Education

COming in 2024

*Studio LIghting
*FLOW POsing 
*shooting on location

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Do you struggle knowing what to tell your seniors to wear or bring for their session?

Planning what to wear and bring to your session can be the most stressful part of prepping for a photoshoot!

Take ALL the guess work out of this process - and use my beautiful template to create a guide that will ensure your seniors show up with exactly what they need to rock their session every single time!
This guide covers it all from nails, to skin prep, outfit inspiration, and final 'to bring' checklist.

Exceptional Difference
Not ONLY does it have beautiful pages of layout /design - but I include ALLL the words for every page. You are getting to use the guide I send to MY seniors, which you can personalize with your own images and branding.

HOW is my guide different? 
Every other Senior "What to Wear Guide" tends to sort kids according to labels, - ' preppy style' and 'boho' etc.  I've found most kids don't feel like they fit in any certain box and I don't think they should! I also don't love focusing on fashion trends which move quickly. 

My guide helps kids think about what outfits they want to wear and why, what will photograph well, and how to make informed choices with five key prompts to help them explore options from classic looks to creative!




34 Fully Customizable pages
PSD Format

Front & Back Cover
Style Do's & Don'ts
"TO bring" Checklist
Skin & Nails Prep List
OUtfit prep reminders
Multiple collage Pages

LImited Time Special Pricing!


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I believe in the power of imagination. 
I believe that childhood innocence and wonder is something beautiful.
My thoughtfully styled sessions give your child a chance to actually step inside a story and explore something amazing.
Childhood has only 18 summers.
You deserve beautiful images from every single year. 

"You created pictures of my girls  that are art.
I can't wait to hang these on the walls;
and enjoy these for years..."