July 18, 2017

Downtown Prom Photo Shoot – Lauren

This spring To the Nines brand new owner Tamara offered my Senior Team the chance to come in and select a dress from her store for a Downtown Prom Photoshoot!

Lauren picked this fun and flirty red dress – and very much channeled old school Hollywood elegance! I love that she picked something different than she would normally wear – and I think we can all agree this dress is incredible on her!

My goal for Lauren’s look was to bring a little bit of old world charm to our small town and I think we did!

We even had some fun with a black fedora Tamara had on a display! Thank you Lauren for an incredible photoshoot!!!

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Do you have a formal dress you want to re-invent with a custom photoshoot? What ideas do you have? Go here so we can chat about your shoot!!