March 1, 2017

High School Senior Team Member Chloe

What is a Senior Team? Every year I look for a handful of High School Juniors who are excited about their senior year, their senior photo shoot – and want to collaborate with me in some bonus and themed sessions throughout the entire year! This is my chance to introduce to you the 2018 Senior Team! I can’t wait for all that is in store!

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Senior Team 2018

“She never looked nice – she looked like art – and art wasn’t supposed to look nice; it was supposed to make you feel something…”

I want to introduce you to Chloe! She came in to the studio for our first team photoshoot – this month for the entire team- simple headshots.

Chloe struck me from the first time I saw her with incredible depth of soul and a quiet intense quality that drew me to her. She is a writer and artist, and I can’t wait to discover the ways we will collaborate this year! Thank you Chloe for being part of the team!!



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