March 26, 2017

L.A. Rooftop Photoshoot

“Don’t tell people about your dreams – show them…”

This is the L.A. skyline, with just moments of light left before dark settled on the city.

While I was inspired by every inch of the arts district where we stayed, I think it fitting that only hours before we headed to the airport for flights home – we Midwest girls were on a roof watching the sunset; the wide open sky, wind in our hair with this million dollar view.

Senior photos

senior portraits

lifestyle photography

“It is all a mess – the hair, the bed, the words, the heart… life. ”   William Lead

Cara is an incredible wedding photographer- you can follow her here!!

Emily, Cara and I spent several long and intense days at a photography workshop which was itself incredible and definitely one of my dreams. Exploring the city and shooting together with these girls was absolutely invigorating and inspiring.

Kansas senior photographer

city photoshoot

This city and it’s energy was amazing. As the sun slipped away I couldn’t stand to leave the roof. The lights of the downtown buildings began to shimmer, it felt like magic.

kansas dance photographer

senior photography kansas

dance photos

Every since I left – I’ve felt the city calling me back to explore and create this kind of incredible experience for my clients, with stunning images so they can keep the magic forever. Are you ready? Where would you go?  Where is your dream photoshoot location?

Send me a note and tell me where you want to go!

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