January 23, 2018

Rooftop Senior Session – chasing the edge.

I think my favorite thing of all time about my session with Caden was the fact that he actually played the guitar whenever they were in his hands during his session. It was like a personalized soundtrack celebrating his years of musical work and all he has accomplished through high school.

He isn’t one to brag. Caden tends to be quiet – but his eyes and smile do a lot of talking.

When I asked about his interests and hobbies and we talked about the kinds of music and  literature he enjoys; I knew we needed to find a location that shows what it is like to have a mind that is easily lost in a world much bigger than what everyone else can see.

Thanks to an amazing businessman in town with a sympathy for our grand ideas – Caden’s session was easily the most adventurous location from last year – and I loved every second!!

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I did not know when we picked this location that Kurt Vonnegut was Caden’s author. Later I saw a quote that was absolutely perfect for everything about Caden and his session.

“I want to stay as close to the edge as I can without going over. Out on the edge you see all kinds of things you can’t see from the center…”





I LOVE this rockstar finish we created with a couple moodier dramatic shots for Caden. I feel he is ready to drop an album – and already has a cover!! Thank you Caden (and Lindy! 😉 for sharing an amazing afternoon!!

What location would YOU love to explore in your session!? Tell me now!

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