June 5, 2018

The last family photos before college – the Bebb Family Session


When your oldest child is ready to graduate – and planning to drive away to campus  in just a few months – what is a mom to do? Plan a family photo shoot, so you can see their smiling face on your walls even when they aren’t home for dinner. Carla and Rachel wanted to have a photo shoot that celebrated Rachel’s graduation AND gave the Bebb family some beautiful family photos before Rachel left for OSU in the fall.




The whole family joined in to show the OSU pride.

What a beautiful family!


When I asked Kendall if he was ready to have the house to himself – he may have seemed a bit toooo eager. Little do they know how all the anoyances are going to be life’s best stories someday.

Congratulations Rachel!!! Best wishes for your upcoming year at OSU!!


To learn how to book YOUR last family photo before college – click here! 


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