February 25, 2019

Vogue Inspired Prom Dress Photo Shoot

Months ago I was talking to Senior Team for 2019,   Brooklyn,  Jensen,  Kynli  and Halle.    These girls were ready to create senior pictures that were anything but ordinary. And as we talked about some ideas for their theme shoot – a clear vision emerged that excited me to no end!

* All black prom dresses. * An abandoned and perfectly decaying location, and some *over the top accessories.

Because I postponed the shoot to wait out 32* weather in April, our shoot date just weeks later found fickle Kansas weather giving us our first 96* day  – in May! As a result  it was a bit hot in this gorgeous historic space- but you would never know from how gorgeous the girls looked and modeling head to toe right through the heat!


Can you just feel the magic? Of this place. Of this moment…


If this isn’t magazine cover worthy – I don’t know what is!

                 There are more images from this shoot AND some special guests! Find part two here!

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