February 28, 2019

Smoke bombs, drum sets, and Parsons High School Senior Brannin

When I talked to Brannin about what he envisioned for his senior pictures – quickly apparent that he is anything but conventional. And I LOVE shooting with kids who think outside the box.  One of the first things I learned about Brannin is that he is a musician  – drummer in the school band who also loves to hard core rock out.

Among his passions is also being a spook! Unknown to me ( because I am a big baby and can’t handle anything to scary) he has been a big part each year of our Historical Society’s brilliant use of the amazing but abandoned State Hospital as a massive Haunted House Experience each fall as a way to earn money for up keep on historic properties in town. We knew we had to get some images at a location that he has enjoyed so much with so much interesting history!

To top it off –  he is an avid outdoorsman – enjoying fishing and 4 wheeling on the family farm – and wanted some shots there as well.

Of course we started in the studio with some great – simple studio  shots, before we moved to his locations.

These next shots were taken in a (safe and properly permissioned ancient elevator) I’m not going to lie – the whole State Hospital was wonderfully creepy.

There is someone watching you…..

After the state hospital, we headed out to the family farm to end the evening.

You can take a boy off the farm…

Finally it was time to set up the drums at the edge of the woods where he grew up.

There is something about hearing music played in the wild like that – raw and real, that is incredible.


             Thank you Brannin – for an incredible session!

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