March 5, 2019

Senior Team 2020~ Labette County High School Senior Abigail

Meet Labette County High School Student and 2020 Senior Team member Abigail!

Abigail plays basketball, volleyball, and softball.  She loves flowers and spring blooms and her session is coming up soon! Given how loooong and cold this winter has been I am beyond insanely excited about the sunshine and warmth of spring than! Ironicially – one of the most massive and amazing spring blooming pear trees I’ve ever seen was just next door to where Abigail lives!  I had one glorious spring session there- until later that month a massive storm came through and lightening split the tree in half killing it. I’m not going to lie – I was a little heart broken. Thankfully I’ve been looking and have some killer places for her and I to explore that are even more gorgeous!


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If you want a session while spring is in bloom – lets set that up now! Blooms don’t last long! Click here to start!


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