November 30, 2019

Alexis Crawford

When I asked Alexis if she had ideas for her senior session – I discovered YES – she had a LOT of ideas! – Twinkle lights, fall leaves, smoke bombs and above all – her grandpa’s cherry red, classic Chevy Impala. I was so excited for us to do it all! Of course – we absolutely spent some time in the studio as well – and I seriously can’t decide if I love her in pink, or her little black dress more! BOTH look amazing on her and so timeless!

Are we going to talk about how much work Alexis mom put in getting this car in the PERFECT spot in the road – only for a delivery truck to come behind us which meant she had to do it all again? No. Because in the end – the parking and re parking and moving and parking again was 150% worth it and perfectly perfect!!!

When your grandpa owns a classic car that you’ve loved your whole life – you take senior pictures with that car. If that car happens to be a cherry red 1958 Chevy Impala – even better!!

Alexis smile lights up a room – and I think the twinkle light ending was just a perfect way to end her session!

Classic Chevy Impala Senior Pictures

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