December 23, 2020

Independence Senior Photos – Blair

All of my premium senior sessions include the services of my hair and makeup artists. You can show up to your senior session in sweatpants – and fresh face and let us help you become camera ready. Most my seniors love taking advantage of that option – but I do have those who ask – “Do I have to use makeup? Can I have my senior pictures taken with no make up at all?”

The answer is of course YES!

Blair LOVES her freckles and I do too!! NOTHING makes me happier than girls feeling confident & powerful, and most like themselves for their photoshoot.

Blair wanted to keep things simple, fresh – and modern, but classic. I think she absolutely nailed it!!!

For Blair and her family – butterflies have a special meaning. They represent someone much loved that left their family far to soon in life – but not their hearts or memories. There is nothing more meaningful to me than finding a way to celebrate the life of someone loved and never forgotten in a photoshoot.

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