October 5, 2021

Mallory – Pittsburg High School Senior Photo Session

It took us two hours to carry in totes & boxes of memorabilia, lighting, and set up the high school senior year photo Mallery dreamed of since 8th grade. It took her 12 years to earn that shot. Every medal, every trophy, every ballet slipper, every uniform, all of it representing hours, and days, and years of her life practicing, failing, falling, getting back up and trying again for the sports she loves.

Yes, Mallory included it ALL in her session. ALL the locations, all the memories, ending her session at midnight, under the streetlights, with thunder rumbling in the dark sky, in the parking lot of her school where we had photographed her on the stage where she has performed countless times. Mallory included it all. Because she has enjoyed it all, every step along the way and wanted to celebrate it all!

As she heads into the performing arts after high school there is one thing I know about Mallory. She won’t give up on what she wants, she isn’t afraid of hard work, and the same 12 year old girl who envisioned her dream senior photo isn’t going to settle for anything less than her next dream!

I can’t wait to see it come true!!

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