January 10, 2022

Six Week Creative Photo Challenge – Week 1 – Shadows

Welcome to my Six Weeks of Summer Creative Challenge! In the summer of 2021,
I challenged myself to six weeks of taking ONE concept, one senior, and 30
minutes to create images that are above and beyond the normal ‘portrait
session’. Every week I collaborated with one of my six Senior Team members, to
create something amazing. I promised to show the good bad and ugly all along
the way.

On week 1, my concept was SHADOWS. I used a snoot and gobo on my Flashpoint, Xplor 600 Pro to create different hard light and shadow effects in the studio with Hayden.  Other gear used was my Canon R5 and canon 24 – 105mm lens. While it doesn’t look like much behind the scenes – the end results were striking, and I love this new technique! Do you have a favorite shot? Mine has to be one of the images with what looks like afternoon sunlight pouring into a dark room through blinds. It is powerful that we can create mood and 

senior photographer, rebecca shepard studios

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