January 12, 2022

Six Week Summer Creative Photo Challenge- Week 3 – Light Painting!

Welcome to my Six Weeks of Summer Creative Challenge! In the summer of 2021, I challenged myself to six weeks of taking ONE concept, one senior, and 30 minutes to create images that are above and beyond the normal ‘portrait session’. Every week I collaborated with one of my six Senior Team members, to create something amazing. I promised to show the good bad and ugly all along the way.

On week 3, my goal was to experiment with light painting, a technique I had never tried. It involves shooting in complete darkness, and using long exposure, and a flashlight to physically ‘PAINT’ light onto a SUPER still and patient subject. The gear I used was my Canon R5 shooting on manual, on a tripod, and a simple handheld flashlight to create the magical light.

In the first and third image below – you can see some of the funny outtakes, where you can still see me in the image (which is not supposed to happen!) In another image you can see movement of Abi created a double exposure effect, something unexpected, but something I think was SO cool!!!

After many more tries that I thought it would take – I finally nailed my part (Abi was a CHAMP standing in a hot summer meadow!!) I think the final images are incredible and I can’t wait to play with this technique more in the future!!!

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