January 15, 2022

Six Week Summer Creative Photo Challenge- Week 6 – Clouds

Welcome to my Six Weeks of Summer Creative Challenge! In the summer of 2021, I challenged myself to six weeks of taking ONE concept, one senior, and 30 minutes to create images that are above and beyond the normal ‘portrait session’. Every week I collaborated with one of my six Senior Team members, to
create something amazing. I promised to show the good bad and ugly all along the way.

Week 6 is CLOUDS! My goal for this shoot was to create beautiful ethereal looking clouds in the studio, using Christmas lights, pillow stuffing. This was one of the most high risk – (I had a lot of nerves – would this work like it did in my head?) and I absolutely LOVE the results! Beautiful Gracie gave me ALL the ethereal and soft sitting in the clouds vibes. 

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