April 6, 2022

Dark Academia Senior Session, Paige

How do I begin to describe Paige? Normally I ask my seniors what they are involved in and what they do in their free time. With Paige I never got to the second question! Maybe it is the fact that besides being an online Honor Role High School student, Paige is a firefighter (who was recently awarded firefighter of the year) maybe it is the fact she is 2nd Lt with the Civil Air Patrol based in Wichita, of MAYBE it is the fact that she is 12th World Final Rodeo Barrel Racer whose first love is her horse- Marlin James.

After hearing about all of her activities, I already knew Paige doesn’t have free time! lol I also knew it would be SOOO fun to create with this wildfire of a girl – and boy was I right!!!

For her creative concept look – Paige decided to tap into her inner quiet book worm -and I ADORE the dark academia photos that we created together!!

senior photographer, rebecca shepard studios
western photographer
dark academia photoshoot

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