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Last fall I saw a photo of myself that broke my soul.

I was standing in a beautiful studio seeing shots pop onto the screen. I stared at the images and couldn’t breathe. My stomach flipped. I was looking at a photo of me – and I couldn’t even SEE myself….

The photo of me that changed everything….

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What happens when every girl on the team loves shades of purple and lavender, and I find a scrap of vintage fabric at a goodwill?

Senior Team Modern Studio Shoot *PURPLE*

dark academia photoshoot

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How do I begin to describe Paige? Normally I ask my seniors what they are involved in and what they do in their free time. With Paige I never got to the second question! Maybe it is the fact that besides being an online Honor Role High School student, Paige is a firefighter (who was […]

Dark Academia Senior Session, Paige

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Now she is at a place in life where she has found love and a life partner in Cayler and seeing the way their eyes light up talking about each other melted me the whole time!!!!

engagement photo

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What can I say about this family!? I ADORE when families come back to see me- and the last time I photographed the Gartner Family, Rob was retiring from his role as Battalion Fire Chief for the Parsons Fire Department after 26 years and moving into a new phase of life as their oldest headed […]

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Like so many mommas, all Rianna wants is beautiful photos of her and her beautiful girls, together!

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