September 29, 2017

Ashleigh – at B’s Massage & Yoga

Have you ever seen someone, felt their energy from across the room and thought – I feel like we could be best friends!

This summer I kept noticing a girl with a gorgeous smile and quick laugh frequent the same coffee shop where I spend way to much time. Once I met Ashleigh –  I learned she was a masseuse, and once she learned I was a photographer- she told me about her ideas for branding session that captured her love of nature and wild-ing and her love of bringing healing with her hands.  I loved her ideas and this session was incredibly fun, and nothing starts a friendship like wading in a creek creating something beautiful on a summer evening!

I can also tell you that having experienced her massages, while you may not be on a table in the woods, in a babbling brook – you definitely come away feeling like you have been!

Ashleigh Brand (2)

Ashleigh Brand (24)Ashleigh Brand (4)Ashleigh Brand (17)Ashleigh Brand (6)Ashleigh Brand (7)Ashleigh Brand (13)

Ashleigh Brand (11)

Ashleigh Brand (12)


Something I have learned the hard way is that self care, and caring for my body isn’t a luxury that I can afford to ignore. Self care and self love are exactly what allow me to give my best to my family and everyone in my world. I love Ashleigh’s energy and passion for what she does – and I think if you meet her – you’ll want to be BFFs too!

To book your own session and find a few moments of bliss go here! Be sure to ask for Ashleigh!


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