March 2, 2018

2019 Senior Team Member – Halle


Halle is fierce. When her hair and makeup were done she looked adorable. But I knew there was a little bit of wild child that needed to shine and asked her to flip her hair to give it some sass and boom. Perfection. Her blue eyes pierce right through me!

This girl’s favorite junk food is ice cream and favorite TV show is Gray’s Anatomy. Is it weird that my favorite relationship in the whole show is the one between Meredith and Christina? I love when women love and support and cheer each other on in work and life! That is something I feel Halle knows all about as basketball coach for younger girls.

Team Headshots2019 (14)Team Headshots2019 (15)Team Headshots2019 (16)Team Headshots2019 (17)Team Headshots2019 (13)

Eeeep! Now that you’ve met Jensen, Brooklyn & Halle – the 2019 Senior Team – you’ll know just how excited I am for all the amazingness that we will be creating this year together!!!

Team Headshots2019 (21)

Team Headshots2019 (22)

Team Headshots2019 (24)Team Headshots2019 (25)Team Headshots2019 (27)IMG_0688bb

These girls were an absolute blast to work with and I can’t wait to show you the end of the shoot where we had a little fun!!
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