January 15, 2019

Fall Senior Session for Kynli

The first time I sat down and met Kynli and her mom to talk about her senior session we got so busy chatting we lost track of time! I quickly came to love Kynli’s zest for life and her energy and passion that she brought to everything she does!

I love simplicity and in this Tommy Hilfiger dress – the Tommy girl vibes Kynli is rocking have nothing on Gigi Hadid!

This image below is one that made Kynli a hero to me. This is a gorgeous outfit she loved – but always carefully adjusted to cover her diabetes ports.

Diagnosed at age 5, Kynli hasn’t let her diabetes interfere with her passion for life – including her passions of baking and dance!

During the shoot she asked if it was possible to edit out any part that still showed and I said yes – I would be glad to do whatever she felt most comfortable with. When I edited her images – this one – where her ports were more visible struck me as SOO powerful – and when she came to order her images I showed her both versions. One where her ports were edited out – and one where they showed.

She and her mom loved this image as much as I did, and it just so happened that Diabetes Awareness Month had JUST started. She asked me to share this image. I LOVE the fact that this beautiful, and strong senior is radiating love and life and is now, as a role model for other girls with diabetes, showing them nothing can stop a powerful girl!!!

Big floppy hats, denim, and sun lit meadows are an unbeatable combination!

I love the way the hard light was hitting the building and her face, and the way the wind was blowing her hair. Sometimes favorite shots in a senior session happen in the least expected spots!

Kynli wanted to end her session in her own home – in Missouri. Remember I mentioned her passion for baking? This second kitchen in her home is Kynli’s personal creative paradise – and I loved the chance to capture her in her natural habitat!

Wait – what. Another brick wall? YES! Even though it looks like part of a studio set – this is a feature wall in Kynli’s home designed by her mom. We had to take advantage of this beautiful spot!

This may be my favorite location of all for Kynli. Her home sits perched on a hill overlooking prairie and farmland – and this golden grass was beyond perfect golden fall color!

Thank you Kynli for a beautiful – wonderful – magical session both in the studio and on cool locations including YOUR home!

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