January 17, 2019

Senior Session for Swimmer Brooklyn


Brooklyn – 2019 Senior from Parsons High School.  Something I love about Brooklyn is her ability to stare deeply into the camera with quiet confidence.  Brooklyn brought in her gorgeous red prom dress to the studio so we could take some shots at the beginning of the session.  All I can think is Vogue cover.

                           Sometimes the in between moments – when your eyes fall in a shy second – or you tilt your head and laugh – THAT is my favorite.

  Brooklyn’s American Eagle – simple and neutral clothing choices were adorable – and let her shine.

  Just something about the meadow…

There is just something  about the wild prairie to us Kansas girls…  Something magical about the light. Something peaceful about the breeze blowing the grass and our hair. Something  special about the way the cotton wood leaves make the sunlight dance. Or maybe it’s you.

The problem with pool pictures…

Finally – Brooklyn’s last spot was Parson’s Public Pool. Because swimming – swim team, and lifeguarding have been a big part of her life and I wanted to make sure to capture that in a fun, and modern way. Even if it did mean to get the shots I envisioned meant standing chest high in the water.

Funny story – on shoots I usually wear a belt with hooks and pockets for my camera and gear and accessories – and this hot summer day was no exception. Originally I had thought I could get the right angles from the other side of the pool – but quickly realized I needed to get into the water. Mindless I waded into the pool deeper and deeper — but I wasn’t low enough for the right shot.

I started to squat – when I suddenly realized my pockets with my phone – and other gear were dipping into the water. With superhuman force I shrieked a choice word and shot STRAIGHT up into the air – while Brooklyn’s eyes about popped out of her head and she almost died laughing.

 I promise I’ll get the shot. I do NOT promise to be graceful in the process…


Yup. This was the shot we worked for which required me to hover inches above the water surface – like a weird floating stalker. Totally worth it. Don’t you think?

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