July 4, 2019

Senior Team Joplin Shoot

Summer nights are long, hot, and full of magic when you have an awesome group of kids and a chance to explore some cool downtown Joplin spots for our team shoot!

Blue jeans and tee shirts. Americana classics.

Because our team was bigger this year – this was our one big group shoot on location – and it was absolutely wonderful to get a chance to shoot and explore together!!!

As everyone stood in the group I asked point to the person who is on their phone the MOST!?

While at first there was confusion – pretty soon there was consensus.

What I wasn’t prepared for was when I asked the questions – ‘Who is the hardest to get on the phone or respond to texts?” As fingers point my direction – I both drop my head in shame and started laughing so hard I almost dropped the camera. lol

At the end of the road – be with a friend who has your back.

Getting ready to light our sparklers….

‘Who has dance moves?”

Shining bright – TEAM 2020

We find out it is Mom’s birthday! Happy Birthday Janis!!!!

Senior Team 2020 KILLED their downtown session! To see the sunflower session that was next click here!

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