April 7, 2020

Abigail Howard Senior 2020-

This year I wanted to do something a little different for my blog posts for my 2020 Seniors and asked if they would be willing to answer some interview questions that I could share with their blog – I’m so grateful for those who said yes!

What is a favorite memory of the last four years? Decorating for my junior prom. We decorated the whole day before and it’s a great time for our whole class to get together and help (basically for our last prom)

Were you nervous before your session? If so – why? Not really actually. I love being in front of the camera and before my session I had already met Rebecca and the artists on the team. Rebecca makes you feel so comfortable and like you belong there! She makes you feel like the most beautiful person in the world and that’s what I love about her!

Senior Team Session

What has been your most listened to song on the way to or from school this year? This year and most recently I have been listening to Graduation by Juice Wrld and I’ll always remember You by Hannah Montana because they both reflect graduation and it was taken away wayyyy to soon!

What’s your favorite school lunch? My favorite school lunch would have to be their quesadillas! They are the best and the lunch ladies were always helpful making sure everyone had something to eat, I love those ladies!

When I asked Abigail in her prom dress she loved – her eyes sparkled and she whipped out her phone to show me! When I saw the dress I understood why. But then again – a Princess fairy tale dress just feels right if you know Abigail! I am SOOO glad we decided to shoot her beautiful dress both IN the studio and on location!

What was your favorite part of your Session? My favorite part was being in the middle of dirt road in my prom dress. It was so spontaneous and Rebecca was always talking and making sure you were comfortable and made you feel amazing. I love that Rebecca is so interactive with us!

I was already in love with Abigials silver blonde hair, but in this dress, in this corner, with this light – I became obsessed. Elegant. Powerful. Poised. gah. sigh.

When you find the perfect patch of Queen Anne’s Lace in the most unexpected area – you take the time to sit in the flowers!

What is your favorite school tradition? My favorite school tradition is either all of our pep rallies, or all the things seniors get to do, – which I know we didn’t get to do, but it would’ve been so much fun. Every year they let the seniors have a senior picnic, sign the sing of your last year, and walk the halls one last time on the last day of school. It does suck we don’t get to do that, but they are trying to get us to do all those things. Our administrators and teachers are SO suportive through this whole transition and I am so thankful for everyone in the USD 506 school district.

When summer sun flares and rainbows make a good shot a great shot.

Beautiful blue eyed girl moment.

Any advice for others before their session? My advice is to let loose and have fun! These pictures will last forever and Rebecca will make you feel so good in your own skin and if you don’t like something – speak up! Rebecca will make sure everything is perfect for your session!

I couldn’t possibly pick a favorite from Abigail’s session, but I do remember walking on a wonderful warm summer evening finding these last perfect looks in the perfect light. Thank you Abigail and Tracy for giving me a chance to spend time with you both and celebrate Abigail’s senior year!

Months after her summer session – Abigail thankfully was available to pop into the studio a few months later for a quite set of test shots I needed to take – and I am so excited for her future at Wichita State!

Is there anyone you’d like to thank who has been a meaningful part of your high school experience? Oh there are SO many people I’d like to thank! There are so many teacher and administrators that have made my high school career amazing. I would like to thank Mrs. Smith, Raschen, Holtzman, Mrs. Moffatt, and Mrs. Hawks. Mrs. Smith will never judge you with anything, and is always the best person to talk with about anything. Raschen and Holtzman, our principles have done everything and anything to help everyone in our school feel welcomed and always make sure we have what we need. They are really trying to make our senior year special too! Mrs. Moffat adn Mrs. Hawk were my busiest teachers and they always took my input into consideration and made me feel like I always had someone to talk to about literally anything.

To my 2020 Graduates – my heart goes out to all you are facing this year! Because of unprecedented circumstances – I am currently creating something special for you. To learn more go HERE.

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