“We cultivate love in our families when we allow our most vulnerable and powerful selves to be seen and known..”         Brene Brown

If you are like me – as a mom – nothing is more important to me than having beautiful images of my family as we grow over the years. However I can also relate to feeling really uncomfortable in front of the camera and wishing I could find a photographer who would be my ally and help me relax, and help me look good in images with my babies!

Amanda (48)

My goal is to give every mom the very best portrait experience you’ve ever had. From initial planning consultation (where I can help you decide what everyone should wear) – to the session itself where I keep things moving so that your husband and kiddos enjoy their time – to posing you so that you have images of yourself and family that you love – I promise to be your girl – your ally from start to finish!


Below are some of the families I’ve had the honor of working with in the past!

Culver – Van Leeuwan Family

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The Schibi Family

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The O’Banion Family

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The Gartner Family

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You deserve to have beautiful images of yourself and your family at every stage of life! I want to hear YOUR ideas for your family! My Family Session Pricing Guide link is below.

Pricing for Couples & Family Sessions