Who is the ideal team member? 
*Do you love being in front of the camera
*Would you love being part of a group of creative & artistic team?
* Do you have a positive attitude, kindness & respect for others
*Are you ready to be a hype man for the others on the team?

I am looking for kids who have a positive attitude, and represent good morals, work ethic, and a positive presence on social media. One thing I LOVE is seeing each group of kids become a wonderful unit of creative & positive energy - building connections that last for years!

ONe full Year

*BonUs Sessions
*Themed & Styled Shoots
*Creative videos

What is a Senior Team?

For kids who love almost any sport -
there are recreation  leagues, travel leagues, & school teams.

What about kids who love being in front of the camera? 
What about kids who love creating with visual arts? 

Every year I select local students from SEK just like YOU 
 I see my senior team as a chance to create & collaborate to make creative content we all LOVE!

Apply for the Team

Six weeks of Summer   

Creative Challenge Team Shoots

Airplane Shoot

Want to Join the TEam?

Applications for Class of 2024 and 2025 are open NOW!!!!!



Circus Shoot 

* the way you see yourself changes everything * 

Check out other team shoots in the past!!

Senior Team 2020

Senior Team 2019

Senior Team 2019

Senior Team 2018

Vogue Inspired

Airport Shoot

For our last Team Session of the year –
we had the Wanderlust Session – styled after a good old fashion road trip!

 Class of 2025 Applications OPEN NOW!!

See more of this session on the blog!

Senior Team 2018


Denim on Denim 

Downtown Shoot

Fall Shoot 

AIrport Shoot  

VOgue INspired  

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